Client Testimonials

I was referred to Lu for Gyrotonic® by my chiropractor after a car accident. I had chronic back and shoulder pain from the accident and all that comes with pregnancy body changes and being a mother of two children. With my first child, I experienced sharp pain and tenderness in my spine after an epidural. My massage therapist had to avoid the area. After two months of treatment for my car accident that pain had completely dissipated.

During my second pregnancy, I endured psoas pain which is still an issue for me. Lu works tirelessly to help me isolate the muscles that need to be strengthened and help me stop holding so much tension in those parts of my body.

After my last five or so years working with her, I have found much more strength in my back, as well as diminished shoulder and neck pain. Not only does the Gyro help me physically but also mentally. Lu is an amazing spirit and soul who has become a dear friend and someone who I very much admire. She can take one look at my body, listen to my current issues/pains and know exactly what I need to work on that day. I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated every time.

– Erin C.

At a difficult passage in my life an opportunity was presented. I had been going to physical therapy and getting massages trying desperately to release the stress in my body. It was manifesting in chronic physical pain. One day my physical therapist recommended trying Gyrotonic®. I had never heard of it! I decided to try it. I had little to lose – immediately I could feel something shift as it was quite different from the gym, walking, weight lifting or any other form of exercise I had ever done.

I met Lu over two years ago. Lu not only is an excellent listener but also very professional in her approach.  Each session is 100% present – I feel very focused. Reducing the stress and opening space in my physical and mental state was an epiphany. It continues to be extremely important to me. I have learned so much! I have discovered a totally new pathway and  awareness of my body – Gyro and Lu have captured my attention. Learning about your body as you would an instrument is highly gratifying and the reward is a healthy body working in harmony!

Gyro is very complimentary to physical therapy and other forms of exercise. What feels different is how soothing it is on the nervous system. Its structure allows you to move and enhances balance and form. The assistance of a good instructor pointing out how to execute the endless possibilities  is very important. I especially love the flowing movements and creativity. Lu brings a level of trust, reliability, and affirmation. Her commitment to achieving your personal goals is a quality that is rare and highly appreciated. Super special!

– Karen H.

When I first moved to Portland, I began attending a community Gyrokinesis class in my neighborhood taught by Lu. The other students in the class were dancers who were graceful and picked up the movements immediately -- I felt clumsy and uncoordinated. However even doing the best that I could with these new movements (which all seemed so new and different) I felt amazing after every class. It felt even more amazing when, after several classes, I began to understand how all the different pieces connect.

I have been doing Gyro with Lu for almost six years now and it has helped me manage the terrible low-back pain that plagued me through most of college. Lu is an incredible teacher: she is able to explain movements with such wonderful imagery, and if her excellent metaphors don't cut it, the hands-on adjustments she gives are superb. You would think that Gyro would get boring after 6 years but Lu keeps finding ways to break down movements and make you really understand what you are doing. I still struggle to talk about Gyro in a coherent manner, but I will tell you it works and you feel great while doing it and I look forward to our classes every week.

-Amanda M.