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Lu Yim

Lu has been an instructor of GYROTONIC® since 2009 which marked the start of a process of healing and understanding of their own chronic pain. In this past decade teaching and learning has become synonymous with the courage to change and the practice of kindness as ways towards grace, balance and discovery.

In individual sessions Lu brings their somatic knowledge from dance, personal training and Postural Restoration and works with each person to create a full-bodied workout. As well as being a movement nerd Lu is a performance maker and writer of queer and transgender possibilities.

Lu is a certified instructor of the GYROTONIC® method and GYROKINESIS® method. Lu is a certified personal trainer through NASM and studies regularly with the Postural Restoration Institute.


Postural Restoration Institute - Course in Pelvic Restoration Postural Restoration Institute - Course in Postural Respiration GYROTONIC® - Application for the Hands & Feet
GYROTONIC® - Workshop for Hip Replacement
GYROTONIC® - Specialize Equipment: Archway, Gyrotoner, Jumping-Stretching Board
Certified Personal Trainer - National Association of Sports Medicine